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We are a MOBILE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, offering more than a simple programming – full dedication to everything we do. Your one-stop mobile development shop. From brainstorming to launch, we work with you every step of the way. Our fully dedicated team will help you stand out from the crowd with beautiful design and smart functionality.
ICT Hub is a place for young IT industry professionals, which allowing them easier establishment of start-up companies and providing specific assistance in starting an IT business. ICT Hub has all the necessary equipment – from high-end platform for development and testing, quality technical and IT support, to highly skilled personnel.
Smart City Challenge Serbia
Po uzoru na popularna Smart City takmičenja širom sveta, ciljamo da inspirišemo novu generaciju talentovanih srpskih programera, asistirajući im da razviju svoje ideje koje poboljšavaju život i rad u gradovima u Srbiji.
Societe Generale Serbia
Societe Generale Serbia bank fosters innovation in financial technologies and is dedicated to creating a thriving environment for business in Serbia through partnerships with startup communities, companies and corporations. Societe Generale Serbia empowers non-traditional players to rethink traditional banking together and inspire serving specific needs of each and every client in the Digital Era.
Glia Lab
A startup launched with a mission to become the first company that will bring together a tandem of young and under-resourced scientists and researchers to work together and utilize machine learning and computer vision to improve cancer diagnosis.
BEUM Association is an NGO founded by the ambitious young people who organized the first EU simulation in Southeastern Europe - Belgrade Model European Union 2011. This conference is now the largest Model EU in the world. The Association now focuses on many different projects and areas of non-formal education with over 8 ongoing projects.
Domaće Kiflice
Bakery “Domaće kiflice” is a specialized bakery for homemade pastry. Our pastry is made according to a century old recipe. Everything we produce is handmade using only high quality all-natural ingredients without any artificial additives. we sell a variety of daily artisan rolls, thus returning to the simple and healthy lifestyle. In case you’re wondering how did we find these recipes? It’s a legacy of our grandmothers.
Startups and digital businesses in Central and Eastern Europe are leading a new revolution and Netokracija / Netocratic are the guides that cover them best, from liveblogging the leading startups events such as LeWeb and The Next Web as official media partners to presenting regional startups exclusively to the world.
Web based aplikacija, nastala iz dugogodišnjeg iskustva osnivača u finansijskom savetovanju i knjigovodstvu, predstavlja celokupni paket za digitalno vođenje paušalno oporezovane radnje. Mesto gde možete naći sve alatke, koje će vam pomoći da se izborite sa birokratijom i uštedite vreme. Glavne funkcionalnosti aplikacije su: pravljenje personalizovanih faktura, automatsko vođenje KPO knjige, generisanje naloga za plaćanje poreza i doprinosa sa i bez poreskog rešenja, popunjavanje obrazaca i detaljna uputstva za dobijanje, obnavljanje i odjavu zdravstvene knjižice kako za korisnika tako i za njegovu porodicu, kao i online podrška od strane sertifikovanog knjigovodstvenog biroa.
Udruženje mladih privrednika Srbije
Udruženje mladih privrednika Srbije (UMPS) je organizacija koja utiče na stvaranje stimulativnih uslova za preduzetništvo, promoviše i podržava razvoj preduzetništva među mladima. Kao organizacija koja je sinonim za preduzetništvo u Srbiji, omogućavamo preduzetnicima da se udruže kako bi zajedničkim snagama poboljšali uslove poslovanaja u zemlji i realizovali poslovne ideje, i delujemo kao mesto edukacije, informisanja, i podrške postojećim i budućim preduzetnicima.
Telegraf.rs (member of Internet Group d.o.o) offers you latest information enriched with multimedia content and optimized for social media sharing. We are a news portal, focused not on short info but on wider picture in which our readers can be fully involved.
Through extensive usage of social media our readers are able to interact with Telegraf.rs and become fully involved as contributors, thus setting us apart from our competition.
Telegraf.rs is a part of Internet Group d.o.o.
LIFTit is mobile industry conference taking place in Belgrade, Serbia on 5th of November. Our main focus are mobile technologies and entrepreneurship in mobile technologies. We aim to gather industry professionals, novices, people of science and, just a mobile enthusiast so we can all together learn from each other share experiences and good vibes.
LIFTit pitch competition is our main contribution to the local startup community. Our goal is to gather the sharpest, the bravest and most innovative startups in one place and give them opportunity to present their idea to team of experienced mobile industry leaders.